The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech was founded in 2010 to make Virginia Tech a world leader in molding consulting and business talent.


The mission of Consulting Group at Virginia Tech is to embody Ut Prosim, "that I may serve," through Pro Bono consulting and, in doing so, prepare members to land and excel at top companies upon graduation.

Core Values

Professional Development
Client Service

Bridging the Gap

The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech is an organization filled with talented and passionate students who have a career interest in business consulting.

The Consulting Group is bridging the gap between Virginia Tech students and business consulting firms from around the world. As an industry-oriented organization, we encourage students to learn more about the exciting and fast-changing consulting world. Our analysts work with businesses around the area in developing business and strategic solutions while advancing their knowledge and honing their skills on real consulting issues.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge by receiving cutting-edge instruction from top consulting firms. In preparation for projects, analysts participate in workshops and other developmental events that will allow them to succeed in their future consulting careers. Additionally, we organize networking opportunities between students and employers and host internal case competitions, promoting information exchange and experience-sharing among students.

We offer first-hand consulting experience with our clients. In addition, CGVT provides continuous preparation and training through peer mentoring, case studies, case competitions, and mock interviews. Consequently, our analysts gain valuable insights in consulting, helping them to excel in their future careers.

Our Leadership Team

Kia Eskandarian kiae95@vt.edu


Srikar Manjuluri srikar11@vt.edu

Director of Organizational Development

Timothy Kim timk1m@vt.edu

Director of Projects

Eli Sulfridge eli14@vt.edu

Director of Operations

Sayan Ekambarapu sayan96@vt.edu

Director of Information Technology

Vaishnavi Somanchi vaish96@vt.edu

Director of Public Relations

Our Corporate Partners