Srikar Manjuluri, Director of Organizational Development, coaching the Fall 2017 Class on CGVT's structure

Associates Program

The Associates Program is a one-semester long training program that every CGVT member completes. As an Associate of CGVT, you will:

  • Learn case frameworks and other additional analysis concepts

  • Collaborate with other Associates to develop solutions for various case types

  • Develop presentation skills as well as learn to create insightful decks

  • Gain the ability to view and dissect a problem from various perspectives

  • Receive industry mentors from elite firms within the consulting industry

Analyst Experience

The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech provides an exceptional professional development experience. As an Analyst of CGVT, you will:

  • Gain problem-solving and decision-making skills on our pro bono projects

  • Develop and deliver powerful presentations & deliverables to our clients

  • Learn to influence teammates and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams

  • Represent CGVT and compete in major case competitions

  • Network with prestigious firms, elite students, & CGVT alumni

(Left to right) Tim Kim, Srikar Manjuluri, Tyler Kirk, Vaishnavi Somanchi, & Chad Berl at the 2017 Harvard International Consulting Competition

Catarina Pires, a Project Manager for CGVT, showcasing her project's progression to the organization

Project Manager Experience

The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech provides stellar Analysts an opportunity manage and own their own project. As a Project Manager of CGVT, you will:

  • Learn to oversee, monitor and adapt the project's strategic plan

  • Coordinate internal resources for the flawless execution of projects

  • Develop project scopes & objectives and ensure technical feasibility

  • Interface with our clients and develop lasting relationships

  • Deliver impactful projects that furnish tangible benefits to our clients

Our Alumni

CGVT members build on the skills and experience they have gained on projects and internal training to join elite firms across all industries after graduation. Whatever your personal goals and interests are, CGVT offers the resources and support to get you there. Check out some of the firms where you can currently find proud CGVT alumni:

Consulting Group at Virginia Tech

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