The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech values our client relationships and we are excited to share the commendations of our past clientele.

 "Our one project was so successful that it has morphed into an extended improvement process to recognize the Best Places to Work in Montgomery County. The response time was outstanding, far better than many consultants I have worked with in the past. I highly recommend The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech."


- Dr. Sharon Scott | Executive Director

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

 "The quality of the work they produced exceeded all expectations. CGVT has helped create an opportunity for those with intellectual disabilities to have a sustainable job. I highly encourage anyone that may be in need of help to reach out to this consulting organization, you will not be disappointed."


- Beth Woodrum | Founder & Owner

Chris's Coffee & Custard

 "The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech has provided excellent support and collaboration.  When we were in a desperate time of need, CGVT was flexible and willing to devote their expertise and resources.  Their professionalism and attention to detail gave us great confidence in their work.  We will continue to recommend and support CGVT!"


- Matt Dudon | President

Virginia Tech Wind Turbine Team

"I can say from my experience with them that the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech is made up of hardworking, committed, and invested students who give their full commitment to their assigned projects. They always came to the table confident in their research and presented it with the professionalism of seasoned consultants. "


- Matteo Morris | Owner & Lead Developer


Consulting Group at Virginia Tech

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