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Giulia dowgiallo


MAJOR: Marketing & Management

MINOR: International Business

WORK EXPERIENCE: Virginia Tech & Target





I have always loved problem-solving and giving advice to my friends, so when I heard about CGVT I was really interested in getting. I have always wanted to know more about what consulting really meant and I am now pursuing the Consulting track for my Management major. Since becoming an official member, I have learned so much about the different tracks that one can take with consulting and the top companies in the industry. Other important skills I have improved upon since joining include interview skills and professionalism.


My favorite part about CGVT would have to be the networking opportunities. CGVT is always bringing in big companies to learn more about, and many of the members have connections within those companies to help get your foot in the door. Everyone in the Group is open to help each other out and people are constantly sending out opportunities for other members to get involved in on and off campus. 


CGVT is also a great resume booster and discussion topic. Since I am now on a project, I know I will have a point to talk about with companies so I can not only talk about why I am a good candidate but also show why through experiences that directly relate to what I would be doing at a company. CGVT has helped me realize my potential and made me feel like I could get a good job when I graduate that I will excel in.

Consulting Group at Virginia Tech

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