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Associates Program

Each new member of CGVT completes the Associates Program before gaining full acceptance into the organization. Our AP is designed to provide members with introductory knowledge of the industry and a chance to network with current members and each other.

The Associates Program is an immersive 8 week program, with weekly meetings, two workshops, and two group projects - one with a real-world client!

What You Will Learn

Consulting Industry

Learn about the industry and its major players.

Deck/report building

Learn techniques and tools to help you present your ideas in a nonverbal setting.

Presentation skills

Gain practice giving professional presentations and receive instruction on how to articulate your recommendations effectively.

Client etiquette

Learn how to communicate effectively with clients and conduct yourself professionally, with extra tips on working in a virtual setting.

Case interview prep

Learn problem solving frameworks, effective research techniques, and how to navigate challenging cases.

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