Frequently Asked Questions


What does CGVT do?

We have a large focus on client work within each of our project teams each semester, but the most important part of our group is education, professional development, and setting up our members to be successful post-graduation!

What kind of projects do we take on?

The clients we acquire are anywhere from local startups to multinational corps, and the types of solutions we provide are business planning, marketing and growth strategies, data analytics, etc!

How diverse is CGVT?

D&I is a core focus of our organization. Currently our organization is 35% female and 58% underrepresented minorities.


What is the weekly time commitment?

The time commitment for our consultants is typically between 2-5 hours per week, and a little more for our project managers.

What is our interview process?

We have our recruitment events in the weeks leading up to the application deadline, after which we will have a two stage interview process to select our Associate class for that semester.

Can I apply to the group as a freshman?

Yes! We don’t place any restrictions on year/major in our selection process.

Do I need any prior experience to join?

Nope! For new associates, we have the Associates Program - an 8 week program which includes weekly meetings, education about the consulting industry, and two compelling projects (one of which is for a real client).

How many people do you accept per semester?

We accept around 10-12 new members each recruitment season.