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Client Services

The Consulting Group at Virginia Tech serves small start-ups to billion dollar multinational corporations. Our clients stem from various industries including food & beverage, manufacturing, business law, non-profit, and much more. Using our cross-disciplinary teams' business acumen, CGVT addresses complex problems to assist clients in achieving their short-term and long-term goals while capitalizing on new opportunities. Continuous preparation and training through case studies, case competitions, company workshops, and mock interviews allow us to maintain exceptional quality in all of our deliverables.

Our Process and Structure

Project Proposal

Through a series of conversations, the CGVT Sales Team will work to develop an initial proposal. The team will work iteratively with the client to cover all necessary requirements. 

Statement of Work

Once the proposal is approved, a formal Statement of Work (SoW) is drafted, detailing the scope, timeline, deliverables, and expectations of both the consultants and clients. 

Project Kickoff

Before project kickoff, the corresponding parties may sign any necessary Non-Disclosure Agreements to enable the sharing of sensitive, critical client information and ensure client confidentiality.


Throughout the semester, the team will work toward a set of predefined milestones. At each milestone, the client will receive an update corresponding to the phases of the project. 

Final Deliverable

At the end of the timeline, the team will present a final deliverable. This deliverable can come in many forms but will include a presentation and report, as defined in the Statement of Work. 

Our Services

Our Clients

Updated Client List (S2021)

Case Studies

Strategic Growth Planning - Moog, Inc.


Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A), a multi-billion dollar electronics manufacturer, tasked CGVT with developing a $140+ million revenue growth plan for a new division of their business. 


CGVT developed an analysis of internal core competencies, market studies within those areas, and acquisition targets that can provide large growth in the short term. 


The MOOG strategy team is currently utilizing CGVT’s deliverables within their overall strategy plan that will increase revenue by ~300% or $150 million. This work will continue throughout Spring 2019. 

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