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neal roberts


MAJOR: Industrial & Systems Engineering

WORK EXPERIENCE: Exxon Mobile & Volvo Group North America



POSITION(S) HELD: Project Manager & Analyst


Being a member of the Consulting Group has been one of my best experiences as a college student. I have been able to make long-time friends as well as refine my professional communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.


The opportunity to be able to participate in a real-world consulting environment has furthered my interest in consulting as a profession. I have been able to experience the roles of an Analyst and a Project Manager, both of which have created challenges to overcome and lessons learned. The client to consultant interactions has prepared me to enter the professional consulting environment in my near future.


The ability to network with true professionals from some of the top firms in the United States has created significant opportunities for my future career. Not only have I been able to gain an extra edge against other students but I have been able to learn and significantly improve my consulting capabilities by participating in the company workshops and case competitions.

I am extremely happy that I took the initiative to join the Consulting Group at Virginia Tech when I did.

Consulting Group at Virginia Tech

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